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Agriculture Department Faculty

Agriculture Faculty
 Faculty members in the Agriculture Department include Dr. Dean
 Scarbrough, Dr. Jim Gilchrist, Dr. Mindi Clark, Mark Sneary
 and Steve Sneary.

 Dr. Dean Scarbrough
 Chair, Agriculture Department
 Professor of Agriculture
 Office--Jesse Dunn 106
 Phone--(580) 327-8487
 E-Mail: dascarbrough@nwosu.edu 

 Dr. Jim Gilchrist
 Professor of Agriculture
 Office--Jesse Dunn 127
 Phone--(580) 327-8485
 E-Mail: jagilchrist@nwosu.edu 

 Mr. Steve Sneary
 Instructor of Agriculture / University Farm Manager
 Office--709 Oklahoma Blvd.
 Phone--(580) 327-5956
 FAX--(580) 327-5956
 E-Mail: sasneary@nwosu.edu 

 Mr. Mark Sneary
 Instructor of Agriculture Education
 Office--Jesse Dunn 127C
 Phone--(580) 327-8537
 E-Mail: jmsneary@nwosu.edu

 Dr. Mindi Clark
Assistant Professor of Agriculture Education
 Office--Jesse Dunn 201A
 Phone--(580) 327-8484
 E-Mail: msclark@nwosu.edu