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Below are links to assist new and adjunct faculty navigate various software used by NWOSU or the Division of Business (DOB). Also included are links to videos introducing faculty to important aspects of the university and DOB culture.


Faculty email can be accessed from the Internet. 

Access faculty/staff email from off campus


RangerNet is the university's student management platform.  It is used for accessing class records, student records and employee information.  Below are links to a series of short videos explaining how to access RangerNet functions and to perform certain actions on RangerNet.

Access RangerNet 

Course Rosters

Early Alert

Advisee List

Course Availability

Student Information

Employee Information


Turnitin.com (TII) is a plagiarism detection website.  Below are links to a series of short videos explaining how navigate turnitin.com:

1-Intro to turnitin

2-Log into TII

3-Create New Class TII

4-Create Assignment TII

5-TII Report


7-Faculty Submit Paper

8-Instructor TII Homepage

9- Course TII Homepage

10-TII Help-Training


At NWOSU, most live Division of Business classes are taught via ITV.  The professor will be at one of three campus locations live and the class is telecasted to all other sites.  ITV provides two-way video and audio connections with students at the remote sites.

 Here is a step-by-step training manual for ITV: ITV_Training_Handout_Aug_2014.pdf


Below is a link to Blackboard training videos provided by Blackboard: 

Blackboard Training Videos


Remote Proctor Now allows students to take proctored tests on their own computer. Under the university's test proctoring policy, online students are to be given the option to take proctored tests via Remote Proctor Now. Below is a link to training materials assembled by the NWOSU Coordinator of Distance Education: 

Remote Proctor Now training