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Section 5.2.2 Faculty Handbook

Grievances, as well as constructive criticism, should be discussed with the immediate supervisor. Should dissatisfaction continue, the matter is to be discussed with the vice president for academic affairs or the president.

In the event that satisfaction is not obtained through the above channels, the faculty member may request that the Grievance Committee make an investigation of the matter. A grievance is an "allegation" by a faculty member that there has been a violation, misinterpretation, misapplication, or inequity in administering the policies, practices, procedures, or guidelines which govern the university in its relationship with faculty.

The Grievance Committee should be a standing committee of the faculty. Each school shall elect a representative to serve on the Grievance Committee at the beginning of each academic year. The school representative of the aggrieved party will disqualify himself/herself from participating in the proceedings.

The Grievance Committee shall make a full investigation of the matter by questioning all parties involved and obtaining any documents pertinent to the problem. They shall then make a written report to the president and aggrieved parties containing all evidence received and testimony given as well as their findings and recommendations. The president shall respond in writing to the parties involved within 30 days.

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