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Dr. Steven Palmer, Division Chair
Associate Professor of Business
Ryerson Family Professor of Business
Email: scpalmer@nwosu.edu
Alva Office: Jesse Dunn 214
Office: (580) 327-8507



Dr. Ralph Bourret
Assistant Professor of Accounting
Email: rebourret@nwosu.edu
Alva Office: Jesse Dunn 201C
Office: (580) 327-8504



Dr. James Breyley
Associate Professor of Business
Email: jkbreyley@nwosu.edu
Enid Office: Room 112
Enid Phone: (580) 213-3158
Alva Office: Jesse Dunn 216
Alva Phone: (580) 327-8510








Dr. John Stockmyer 
Associate Professor of Business
Email:  jlstockmyer@nwosu.edu
Enid Office: Enid 112
Office: (580) 213-3183           



Dr. Jerry Gustafson
Professor of Business
Email: jjgustafson@nwosu.edu
Enid Office: Enid 212
Office: (580) 213-3184
Cell: (580) 402-1664



Mrs. Dana Roark
Instructor of Accounting
Email: dkroark@nwosu.edu
Alva Office: Jesse Dunn 227C
Office: (580) 327-8512





Dr. Charles "Kirk" Moore
Assistant Professor of Business
Email: cnmoore@nwosu.edu
Alva Office: Jesse Dunn 222
Office: (580) 327-8506 



Dr. Roger Brown
Assistant Professor of Business
Email: rsbrown@nwosu.edu
Alva Office: JD 201B
Office: (580) 327-8509



Dr. U. Joseph Nnanna
Assistant Professor of Business
Email: ujnnanna@nwosu.edu
Enid 114
Northwestern - Enid
Enid Office: (580) 213-3132






Dr. Wei Zhou
Assistant Professor of Economics
Email: wzhou@nwosu.edu
Jesse Dunn 227A
(580) 327- 8505









Dr. David Hawkins
Assistant Professor of Business
Email: wdhawkins@nwosu.edu
Alva - JD 220
Office: (580) 327-8440



Mrs. Brooke Ciolino
Division of Business Secretary
Email: kbciolino@nwosu.edu 
Jesse Dunn 219
Phone: (580) 327-8615



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