Northwestern faculty honored during BEA Awards Ceremony

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Northwestern faculty honored during BEA Awards Ceremony

May 5, 2009

Faculty at Northwestern Oklahoma State University who currently are teaching or have taught business, e-commerce and agriculture (BEA) were recognized during the annual BEA Awards Ceremony.

Dr. Steve Palmer was recognized as the new department chair effective July 1.

Gary Tucker, Karen Sneary, and Dana Roark, all instructors of business, were given a certificate of teaching appreciation.
Dr. Dean Scarbrough, associate professor of agriculture, and Sneary received certificates for Outstanding BEA Professors of the Year.

Two Northwestern faculty members from the BEA Department are retiring this year. Mark Pippin, instructor of business, and Dr. Gayla Jordan, professor of business, were recognized for their teaching efforts over the years.

The BEA Awards Ceremony is an annual ceremony honoring students and faculty for their efforts throughout the year.