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Steven PalmerSteven Palmer
NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative

Dr. Steve Palmer is in his first year as serving as Northwestern Oklahoma State University’s Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) to the NCAA. He has been at Northwestern since the fall of 2009 and is the chair of the Division of Business and teaches various business disciplines. 

Palmer was appointed by President Dr. Janet Cunningham to the newly formed NCAA Task Force his first month on campus. He also serves as the chair of the NCAA Feasibility Committee.

Dr. Palmer came to Northwestern from Eastern New Mexico University, an NCAA Division II school, where he served as one of the faculty members of the Athletics Committee.  He also assisted the ENMU Athletic Department as an official scorer for volleyball and basketball.

As the FAR, Dr. Palmer will be responsible for serving as liaison between the Northwestern Athletic Department and the faculty and administration.  The FAR has a number of legislated responsibilities:

1.    The FAR or President is required to sign requests for waivers of initial-eligibility requirements, NCAA Bylaw

2.    Any appeal to restore the eligibility of a student-athlete must be submitted in the name of the institution by the FAR, President, or AD, NCAA Bylaw 14.12

3.    The FAR, President, SWA, and AD must sign institutional appeals to the Student-Athlete Reinstatement Committee, NCAA Bylaw 14.12

4.    The FAR must be made aware of any institutional request for a waiver of division membership requirements, NCAA Bylaws and

5.    The FAR is included in notifications from the NCAA that an official inquiry is being initiated to determine whether rules violations have occurred, NCAA Bylaw 32.5.1

6.    Athletic Certifying Officer for the institution and as such certifying the academic and overall eligibility of each student-athlete each semester

7.    Enforcement and Appeals Process

8.    Athletics Certification –Institutional Self-Study

9.    Oversight for Athletics Program

10. Uphold academic integrity and student-athlete welfare

11. Monitor prospects’ academic credentials, academic progress of continuing students, and graduation rates for student-athletes

12. Ensure that academic services are available to student-athletes

13. Active involvement with institutional student-athlete advisory committee

14. Oversee student-athlete exit surveys and interviews in all varsity sports

15. Involvement in all NCAA Waivers and secondary NCAA violations

16. Assist in the education for athletics for student-athletes, coaches, and staff

17. Oversee NCAA Coaches’ Certification

18. Chair, Athletic Advisory Board

19. Represent NWOSU at the yearly NCAA Convention, Regional Rules Compliance Seminars, and Great American Conference meetings