Education 102 held at Northwestern

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Education 102 held at Northwestern

May 13, 2010

Eighth graders from Alva learned about programs available during Education 102 at Northwestern Oklahoma State University recently and took time out for a group photo in front of the Ranger statue. 
 Students participating in Education 102 at Northwestern ran television cameras to gain hands on experience in the world of broadcasting.
 Education 102 participants were able to take part in a writing assignment and had the option to write freely on any topic.  Some of the students’ thoughts were published in the Northwestern News.

Approximately 110 eighth graders from Alva and Fairview were on campus at Northwestern Oklahoma State University for Education 102 recently. Education 102 is designed to give students an idea of what career choices are available at the college level.


Students took a tour of campus and met with people in the mass communication, science, education, psychology and health and sports sciences departments where current students and faculty visited with the groups about the importance of higher education while exposing the students to programs at Northwestern. As part of Education 102, students also are exposed to career options through the Northwest Technology Center.


In the Communication Department, students toured the facilities then split into three smaller groups to participate in hands-on activities. Those interested in newspaper wrote opinion paragraphs by following a basic writing formula. Students who wanted to learn more about NWTV7 worked on newscasts where participants read stories, ran the cameras, etc. The KNSU/photography groups were able to be on the radio and/or carry out a media photography activity.

Photographs from the entire day can be viewed via Northwestern's Shutterfly page at