Dr. Claudia Young's article published in Spanish journal

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Dr. Claudia Young's article published in Spanish journal

February 24, 2011

 Dr. Claudia Young
Dr. Claudia Young

Pegaso Journal published a Spanish article written by Dr. Claudia Young, assistant professor of Spanish at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, titled “Luis Alfonso Romero y Flores o lo negativo de un personaje.”

Her article analyzes the life of Luis Alfonso Romero y Flores, the “mestizo.” According to the Real Academic Espanola, “mestizo” is a person whose father and mother come from different races.

Romero y Flores plays the protagonist in the sixth novel from the Ecuadorian author Jorge Icaza. This piece of work addresses the negative aspects of his character, one who is a social climber, liar, rebellious and poor. This study explains how the character takes advantage of his last name in an attempt to share time with high class people, but he is not accepted based on his social class. Lying is the only way of life he knows.

His effort to be honest is not accepted by the higher class. In addition, his vengeances and rebelliousness do not make any changes in the society. As the author tries to provide a moral lesson to the reader, by the end of the novel, he shows a positive change inside of Romero y Flores as he goes back to his roots and returns to the people of his own social class.

Research completed on this article was part of requirements for Young’s dissertation.

“In this article, I highlight the disadvantages of being the result of a combination of two different races,” Young said.

Young enjoys researching different topics and authors to develop her skills and to remain aware of new theories in hopes to have more elements of discussion in the classroom.

“The selections of the topics come to me randomly. It could be an author, a novel or a topic that call my attention, but definitely it needs to fascinate me,” Young said.

Currently, she is working on a paper she will present in April at a symposium at Florida International University. Young will analyze the story of the legend Nay y Sinar in Maria.

Young is in her first year of teaching at Northwestern.