Dr. Charles "Kirk" Moore

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Dr. Charles "Kirk" Moore - Assistant Professor of Business


Kirk MooreDr. Kirk Moore, Assistant Professor of Business, earned his PhD in Marketing from New Mexico State University (2011).  Dr. Moore has a JD and a MBA from the University of New Mexico (2002).  His BA was earned at the University in Houston (1998) in History with minors in Math and English.


Principles of Marketing, International Marketing, Retail Management, Personal Sales, and Business Law are just a few of the many courses that Dr. Moore has conducted.  Other common courses that he teaches are Integrated Marketing Communication, Business Law, Legal Environment of Business, and Advanced Entrepreneurship.  Dr. Moore follows the teaching philosophy of John Dewey, the Brazilian educator and philosopher Paulo Freire, and Gloria Watkins (aka: bell hooks).  He challenges students to think critically of business situations and supports student growth and maturity through classroom discussions and active learning techniques.

Research & Presentations:

Dr. Moore's research areas are Marketing strategies that emphasize personal luxury items, Sports Marketing, Secular Immortality, Postmodern Marketing, and CSR.  His most recent presentation, "Is Elective Surgery a Luxury?  Applying Berry's 'The Idea of Luxury' to Elective cosmetic Surgery" was presented at the MBAA International Conference (2012).  At the 2009 Conference on Historical Analysis and Research in Marketing (CHARM), Dr. Moore presented his research on luxury consumption, "Uses of the Eternal: DeBeers Advertising 1939-1948."  Pop culture is also a favorite subject for Dr. Moore.  During the Southwest Texas Popular culture and American Culture Association 30th Annual Conference (2009), he presented a paper that received very positive reviews entitled "Palahniuk as Punk God."

Professional Experience:

Dr. Moore is an attorney licensed in New Mexico.  While residing in New Mexico, he owned a private consulting firm that advised business owners on legal issues confronting their businesses.  Dr. Moore has also been involved in mortgage and insurance sales.

Membership and Activities:

Dr. Moore is a member of the Society for Marketing Advances, a professional association dedicated to encouraging, supporting, and advancing educational activities in marketing theories, policies, and practices.  Dr. Moore is NWOSU's representative on the Alva Chamber of Commerce.  For NWOSU, Dr. Moore serves on the Social Affairs and the IRB Committee.  For the DOB, he is a member of the Ad Hoc Committee.  He maintains a membership in the New Mexico Bar Association and the American Bar Association.

Contact Information:

Dr. Moore is located on the Alva campus in JD222.  You may reach him at (580) 327-8506 or at cnmoore@nwosu.edu.