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Northwestern Oklahoma State University Demographics

Regional Demographics

Please contact the Office of Sponsored Programs for compiled information regarding regional demographics.

Additional Sources

U.S. Census Bureau - 2010 Census
Kids Count State Level Data Online
National Center for Education Statistics
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
U.S. Census Bureau - American Fact Finder
U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics

Other Helpful Information

On-campus Notary Personnel:

Tami Cooper - Herod Hall First Floor
Myra Davison - Herod Hall Second Floor

Northwestern's Foundation Center -

Grant Budget Process

Sample Budget Form:


Budget Categories In-Kind Cash Match  Requested  Total Amount

Direct Costs:


Fringe Benefits

Travel (current mileage rate 55.5¢ per mile)


Supplies (postage, phone)




Total Direct Costs

Indirect Costs: 

Training Stipends



Average Campus Pay:


 Professor $63,623
 Associate Professor $55,443
 Assistant Professor $47,978
 Instructor $40,126
 Faculty Average $49,143
 Student Workers/Some Part-Time Staff $7.25 per hour
 Secretary/Maintenance/Custodial Full-Time Staff $7.21 - $7.45 per hour


  • For faculty (professors, instructors and administration) making additional salary, add 38% for benefits including vision, health, life, long term disability, teacher retirement and unemployment.
  • For secretary/maintenance/custodial, add approximately 61% for benefits including vision, health, life, long term disability, teacher retirement and unemployment for a full-time position.  If this position is part-time, figure half-benefits equaling 30.5%.
  • For part-time entry level workers (non-student), figure benefits of 8.717312% for FICA and workers comp.
  • For student part-time workers, figure benefits of 1.067312% for workers comp only.

Mileage rate for travel - 55.5¢ per mile

Useful Templates

Template for EDGE (Economic Development Generating Excellence)
Template for Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
Template for OneNet Capabilites

Checklist for Federal Grants

Federal Assurances Forms (required for most federal grants)

  • Equal Opportunity
  • Debarment
  • Drug Free
  • Environmental/SHPO
  • Davis Bacon - will not apply in some cases