CRITERION 3 -- Teaching & Learning-Quality, Resources & Support

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CRITERION 3 -- Teacher & Learning - Quality, Resources & Support

Committee Members

Dr. James Bell – Chair, Chair , English, Foreign Language and Humanities

Dr. Steve Lohmann – Assistant Chair, Executive Vice President

Ramona Bartlow, Instructor of Nursing

Dr. Ralph Bourret, Assistant Professor of Business

Dr. Sarah Chan, Assistant Professor of Music

Mindi Clark, Instructor of Agriculture

Dr. Colleen Golightly, Assistant Professor of Education

Brandice Guerra, MFA, Assistant Professor of Art

Dr. Bo Hannaford, Dean, School of Professional Studies

Kaylyn Hansen, Director of Student Life & Counseling

Dr. Nancy Knous, Professor of Psychology

Dr. Kathryn Lane, Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Steven Mackie, Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Steven Maier, Associate Professor of Physics, Chair

Dr. Venkata Moorthy, Professor of Biology

Joanne Prewett, Director, Academic Success Center

Kirk Rogers, Instructor of Criminal Justice

Dr. Michael Stone, Associate Professor of Fine Arts

Gary Tucker, Instructor of Business

Dena Walker, Instructor of Mathematics

Dr. Wei Zhou, Assistant Professor of Business

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