CRITERION 2 -- Integrity- Ethical & Responsible Conduct

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CRITERION 2 -- Integrity - Ethical & Responsible Conduct


Dr. Sheila Brintnall, Chair, Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Deena Fisher, Assistant Chair, Dean, Woodward Campus

Marjie Bagley, Comptroller

Taylor Brainard, Systems Analyst, Information Technology

LeRoy Burks, Police Chief, Campus Police

Tami Cooper, Human Resources Director

Myra Davison, Administrative Assistant, President's Office

Brad Franz, Vice President for Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Dr. Jerry Gustafson, Professor of Business

Dr. Amy Hall, Assistant Professor of English

Cheryl Kent, Instructor of Nursing, Assistant Chair

Sheri Lahr, Registrar

Dr. Cornelia Mihai, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Calleb Mosburg, Director of Financial Aid, Dean of Student Affairs & Enrollment Management

Dr. Aaron Place, Associate Professor of Biology

Dr. Eric Schmaltz, Associate Professor of History

Debbie Skinner, Administrative Assistant to Executive Vice President

Steve Valencia, Associate Vice President for University Relations

Mark Wallace, Director of Students, Director of Housing

Kimberly Weast, MFA, Professor of Theater

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