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Dr. Cris Gordon

Dr. Cris Gordon is originally from Brazil and has taught a variety of courses both at the graduate and undergraduate levels utilizing non-traditional assessments at Universities and Technical/Community Colleges. She also has many years of experience in teaching online courses.

• Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Psychology from Capella University in Minneapolis, MN
• Master of Arts Degree in Psychology from State University of West Georgia in Carrolton, Georgia
• Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Training and Certification:
• Vision and Purpose Navigator Certification
• Grant Writing U.S.A. Workshop
• Center for Accelerated Learning Certification
• On-Course Student and Faculty Success Training
• Online certification (Blackboard)

Gordon, C. (2010). The impact of nontraditional classroom assessment on retention of
information in an introductory psychology course. EbscoHost.

Gordon, C. (2008). Social Stratification Activity. Classroom Activities for Introductory Sociology
Courses p. 64. Belmont, CA: Thompson Wadsworth.

Research Interests:
• Non-Traditional Assessment
• Multiple Intelligences
• Grief and Bereavement
• Stress and Sports Psychology
• Student and Faculty Success

International Experience:
Lead Instructor International Student Exchanges  
    Rosendaal, Netherlands
    Fox Valley Technical College-Zumvliet College
DM –Produtivismo S/C Ltda.
    Sao Paulo, Brazil - ESL Program Coordinator
Casa de Santa Marta Rehabilitation Clinic
    Sao Paulo, Brazil - Therapeutic Assistant

Personal Interests:
Of course, I love teaching! But I do some other things in my spare time too (when I have some).
I love to travel and I love animal encounters! My family has a goal to travel to all 50 states together. We are also animal lovers and love to experience animal encounters together! Here are some fun ones we have done so far: We swam with Tigers, Manatees (and an Alligator by accident!), Botos (pink river Dolphins), Dolphins, Sting Rays and we also did some Falconeering! Next plan: Sharks!!! I also love soccer! I don’t play, but I watch it very well!

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Dr. Cris Gordon, Chair

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Education Center 216
(580) 327-8447