Crime Prevention & Safety Tips

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Crime Prevention & Safety Tips

It is Northwestern’s policy to lock the doors of buildings which are not in use. Some buildings on campus are left with access until late hours as students are allowed to remain in the building at the request of some departments. Dorm rooms, offices and restricted access areas should be locked by the user on a presumption that the building is accessible.

Campus police provide escort services on campus at anytime. Call the police at (580) 327-8511 to arrange for this assistance.

A few quick tips for personal safety and property security:

  • Report strangers and don’t trust them.
  • Avoid getting into vulnerable/no exit places.
  • Do not hesitate to call police when confronted by persons.
  • Keep house or residence hall room locked.
  • At night, walk in groups of at least 2.
  • Walk with confidence and avoid walking near bushes and parked cars.
  • Use the escort program and familiarize yourself with the emergency telephone numbers or use 911.
  • When parking, remove valuables from plain view and lock your vehicle.
  • Engrave your valuables with driver’s license or social security number and record serial numbers.
  • Record the account numbers or make copies of credit cards and other valuables in wallet or purse.
  • Write name and ID number in several places in text books.
  • Do not leave books, book bags, musical instruments, coats or other items in unsecured places.
  • Lock bicycles in bicycle racks.
  • Report all incidents and losses to the police immediately.

When serious crimes occur on or off campus which are considered to be a threat to the campus community, such information will be provided to the faculty, staff, and students. The medium for this information could be the cell alert system, campus newspaper, faculty/staff newsletters, or in special instances, specific notices to on-campus residents. Such notices may be posted on residence hall entrance doors, campus bulletin boards and notices in residents’ and employees’ mail boxes.