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 Resources for Creativity & Innovation in Education


Compiled by Rodney C. Murrow, Ph.D. and Shawn Holliday, Ph.D. ~ Updated 11 June 2015


19 20 21 - 19 cities in the world with 20 million people in the 21st century (click the "Next" button on the opening page to cycle through the pages in sequence)

A-Plus Schools (Oklahoma)

Advancing Inventive Creativity Through Education, a 50-page report (PDF document) of a workshop in Lenox, Massachusetts in October 2003, supported by The Lemelson-MIT program (at the School of Engineering at MIT) and by the National Science Foundation.

A Guide to Non-Profit Careers

Americans for the Arts ~ new Public Awareness campaign

Arts Education Partnership (Richard Deasy was one of the panelists at Oklahoma's Symposium on Creativity and Innovation in Education, hosted at University of Central Oklahoma February 8, 2008.

Arts and Letters Daily - "philosophy, aesthetics, literature, language, ideas, criticism, culture, history, music, art, trends, breakthroughs, disputes, gossip"

Astronomy Picture of the Day (NASA)

Big Think - "We are what you think."


  • Out of Our Minds: Learning to Be Creative, by Ken Robinson. Capstone Publishing Ltd., 2001.
    ISBN: 978-1-84112-125-3 (PB).
  • The Art of Possibility, by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander.
    Quote: "Art, after all, is about rearranging us, creating surprising juxtapositions, emotional openings, startling presences, flight paths to the eternal."
  • A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future, by Daniel H. Pink. Riverhead Trade, 2006. ISBN: 978-1594481710 (PB).

Chris Jordan - Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait

Chronicle Multimedia - The Chronicle of Higher Education; new installments every other Thursday.

Clinton Global Initiative University - refer also to an article by President Bill Clinton, "A New Way for Students and Colleges to Bring About Global Change," in the 2.29.2008 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education, page A40. The inaugural meeting of CGIU is in New Orleans, March 14-16 at Tulane University.

CreativeCow ~ "the peer-to-peer community for media professionals" ~ "creative communities of the world"

The Creative Spark - "How are we inspired? Where might our imaginations take us? What does creativity look like in its wildest form? These clever, invigorating speakers plumb the wellspring of invention."

Creativity, Culture, Education, and the Workforce ~ issue paper by Ann M. Galligan, Northeastern University, for the "Art, Culture, and the National Agenda" series (5th in the series) for The Center for Arts and Culture, 2001. PDF - 36 pages.

Creativity: Its Place in Education (by Wayne Morris). 8-page PDF document. Main site is HERE and includes Report 103, a free e-newsletter twice monthly, and many other links and resources.

Creativity in Education, by Tony Buzan,14-minute video by the creator of the mind-mapping technique.

Creativity in Education: An Exhibition
Cardiff School of Art and Design (Wales) and Sichuan Fine Arts Institute (Chongqing).

Design of Knowledge ~ Blog; ideas about 21st-century teaching and training. Blog is archived to September 2006 and includes a large number of resource links for Ed News and Ed Tech.

Destination ImagiNation ~ "Creativity * Teamwork * Problem Solving" ~ Oklahoma teachers are eligible for affiliate membership; call 1-856-881-1603 for the fee amount; the website includes links to related resources.

Digital Ethnography ~ Kansas State University program directed by Prof. Michael Wesch.

Edutopia: Information and Inspiration for Innovative Teaching in K-12 Schools.

eLearnSpace ~ "everything elearning"

Fast Company - Where ideas and people meet (requires registration, which is free).

Flanders District of Creativity Project (Oklahoma is a member, the only state in our nation with a membership).

From Toy to Tool: Cell Phones in Schools

Future Tense - "Public radio's daily journal of the digital age."

Global Entrepreneurship Week, Nov. 17-23, 2008.

"How Many People Does It Take to Make a New Light Bulb?" Time Magazine, 3.10.2008 online article by Bryan Walsh. You may also want to listen to Walsh's interview "Wikinomics to Save the World?" (13:50).

IdeaList - "Action Without Borders."

Karen Bosch's Blog - Karen is a STAR member of the Discovery Education Network; she teaches K-8 Technology at Southfield Christian School in Southfield, Michigan

Kauffman Foundation (Judith Cone was one of the panelists at Oklahoma's Symposium on Creativity and Innovation in Education, hosted at University of Central Oklahoma February 8, 2008).

Keith Sawyer (one of the keynote speakers at Oklahoma's Symposium on Creativity and Innovation in Education, hosted at University of Central Oklahoma February 8, 2008).

Kluge Center Lectures, Library of Congress - live webcast from

  • The four-lecture series will examine the generation that has been raised with the computer as a natural part of their lives, with emphasis on the young people currently in schools and colleges today.  The series will seek to understand the practices and culture of these digital natives, the cultural implications of the phenomenon and the implications for education - schools, universities and libraries.

  • Hear the series in live webcast at 4:00 p.m. (Eastern) at
  • April 7, 2008: The Anthropology of Digital Natives - Edith Ackerman
  • May 12, 2008: Internet, the Private Mind? - Steven Berlin Johnson
  • June 23, 2008: The Anthropology of YouTube - Michael Wesch
  • June 30, 2008: Screenology - Douglas Rushkoff

Library of Congress Webcasts

Mission to Learn - "Learning. Technology. Change." Blog by Jeff Cobb.

Moving at the Speed of Creativity, blog by Wesley Fryer.

Music For All (Robert Morrison was one of the panelists at Oklahoma's Symposium on Creativity and Innovation in Education, hosted at University of Central Oklahoma February 8, 2008).

Museums and related resources:

Oklahoma Arts Calendar

Oklahoma Arts Council - web site includes a great collection of resources

Oklahoma Creativity Project (web site) ~ Mission & Goals (MS Word document, 1 page).

Oklahoma Humanities Council

"Old Fashioned Play Builds Serious Skills," by Alix Spiegel, NPR 'Morning Edition,' Feb. 21, 2008; includes a link to the audio file (7 min. 50 sec.).

Project introduces creativity, innovation, by Jim Stafford, Daily Oklahoman, a blog entry concerning the newly-announced Oklahoma Creativity Forum, which Staffords admits that he "doesn't get." One response in the blog includes a link to KOSU's report by Gail Banzet.


  • "There is no box!" --Oklahoma's Lt. Gov., Jari Askins
  • "The significant problems we face today cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them." -- Albert Einstein
  • "It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life." --Julius Caesar
  • "The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty." --Winston Churchill
  • "Next to knowing when to seize an opportunity, the most important thing in life is to know when to forego an advantage." --Benjamin Disraeli
  • "If A equals success, then the formula is A equals X plus Y plus Z. X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut." --Albert Einstein
  • "If Columbus had an advisory committee he would probably still be at the dock." --Arthur Goldberg
  • "We don't have an energy crisis; we have an imagination crisis." --Kevin Kimberlin (CEO, Spencer Trask)
  • "If we are always arriving and departing, it is also true that we are eternally anchored. One’s destination is never a place but rather a new way of looking at things." --Henry Miller
  • "America does not have a free ride in the 21st century." --Sir Ken Robinson
  • "If you can change your attitude, you can change your mind. If you can change your mind, you can change the world." --Sir Ken Robinson
  • "The conventional question to ask of someone's intelligence is, 'How intelligent are they?' A more accurate question may be, 'How are they intelligent?'" --Sir Ken Robinson
  • "Spontaneity sometimes has to be carefully planned." --Sir Ken Robinson
  • "Creativity can be as much a process of finding problems as solving them." --Sir Ken Robinson
  • "This is the often way with creative insights. They run ahead of their times and confuse the crowd." --Sir Ken Robinson
  • "If the ideas in the music could be expressed in words, there'd be no need to write the music in the first place." --Sir Ken Robinson
  • "Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there." --Will Rogers
  • "Discovery consists in seeing what everyone else has seen but understanding it for the first time." --Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
  • "If only we'd stop trying to be happy we could have a pretty good time." --Edith Wharton
  • "Out of clutter, find simplicity. From discord, find harmony. In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity." --Albert Einstein
  • "Imagination is more important than knowledge." --Albert Einstein
  • "I think people don't place a high enough value on how much they are nurtured by doing whatever it is that totally absorbs them." --Jean Shinoda Bolen
  • "I lost my job as an art dealer but it was the customer's fault. He wanted to buy the wrong paintings." --Vincent van Gogh

Salem Partnership: The Creative Economy Initiative

Sir Ken Robinson (one of the keynote speakers at Oklahoma's Symposium on Creativity and Innovation in Education, hosted at University of Central Oklahoma February 8, 2008).

The Six Myths of Creativity, by Bill Breen (Fast Company) - access is to registered members only (free).

Small Biz Survival, Blog by Becky McCray " and for small business people in rural areas and small towns."

State of Creativity (Oklahoma's creativity blog, aka "Oklahoma Creativity Project" ~ mission & goals).

TeacherTube - "Teach the World."

Teaching creativity in the school system, by Phil McKinney on the "Killer Innovations" blog, posted Jan. 22, '06.

TED: Teaching, Entertainment, Design - The annual TED conference presents a series of lectures from people who are at the forefront of creativity and innovation. See especially their section on the theme "The Creative Spark."

This Brave Nation ~ A six-part series of "Conversations With People Who Make A Difference"

  • (1) Carl Pope and Van Jones, June 1, 2008
  • (2) Bonnie Raitt and Dolores Huerta, June 8, 2008
  • (3) Pete Seeger and Majora Carter, June 15, 2008
  • (4) Anthony Romero and Ava Lowery, June 22, 2008
  • (5) Tom Hayden and Naomi Klein, June 29, 2008
  • (6) Series finale, July 13, 2008
  • Website

Tough Choices or Tough Times: The Report of the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce.

  • Download the "Executive Summary" of the report from the commission's web site;
  • The full report is in the NWOSU-Alva library (331.2592 N21326t).

Think Cycle - "an academic, non-profit initiative engaged in supporting distributed collaboration towards design challenges facing underserved communities and the environment."

Tutorials: Computers in the Classroom - basic instructional tutorials using some current technology (Google, YouTube, Wiki, etc.).

U.S. Dept. of Commerce, news release "Gutierrez calls for Government, Private Sector, and Academic Actions on Innovation Measurement." Includes links to the report by the Advisory Committee on Measuring Innovation in the 21st Century Economy; also includes links to two other documents, (1) fact sheet based on the report and (2) quotations from the report.

"A Vision of Students Today" - 4 min. 44 sec. video created by Michael Wesch and students in his course "Introduction to Cultural Anthropology" at Kansas State University, Spring 2007.


Where's the R&D in Education? Blog post by Jeff Utecht (many other great posts in his blog, The Thinking Stick).

Young People Who Rock - "a weekly interview series focused on people under 30 -- from CEOs to entertainers to athletes to community and political leaders -- who are doing remarkable things."