Course Rotations

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Faculty and Students are asked to locate the program course rotations in this excel document prior to planning and enrollment.  Please make sure that students are enrolled in the correct course for their classification and progress in their major/minor program of study.  Students are reminded that NOT all courses are taught each semester.  Some upper division required courses are only offered every third semester, so it is imperative that students and faculty advisors plan accordingly.  Coursework is not offered by arranged except in extreme cases.  It is the student’s responsibility to enroll in required courses when those courses are taught and as the student is prepared for those courses.  Remember, only senior level or graduate departmental students should be enrolled in the capstone course, Social Research and Evaluation (SOC4723) or Historical Methods (HIS 4433).  This course is not to be taken by any student until their senior year.  For clarification or further information, please contact the Department Chair at 580-327-8521 or email Dr. Decker at  The Social Sciences Department reserves the right to make adjustments to these rotations as needs arise.

Degree Program Excel File