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2016 Strong Competition 

Strong Competition Winners

In the men’s division winners (pictured left to right):

Michael Simpson, community member, in the 246 lbs.+ weight class, won with a total of 1,385 lbs. Also, earned best squat with 485 lbs. and best deadlift with 545 lbs.

Shane Engelken, development officer for Northwestern Foundation and Alumni Association, in the 221-245 lbs. weight class, won with a total of 1,280 lbs. also won best bench with 375 lbs.

Carter Spellman, sophomore health and sports science major from Alva, in the 191-220 lbs. weight class, won with a total weight of 1,055 lbs.

Ty Peterson, community member, in the 166-190 lbs. weight class, won with 975 lbs. 

Jon VanBuskirk, freshman nursing major from Alva weight class of < 165 lbs., won with a total of 695 lbs.

For the women’s division (far right):

Willow Gahr, in the weight class of 125-145 lbs., senior biology major from Carmen won with a total weight of 370 lbs.

Photos from the 2016 Spring Strong Competition  



2016 Indoor Triathlon Results

Triathlon womensTriathlon winners for the women's heat are: First Place Jennifer Grassano (left) and Second Place Alyssa Williams (right).

men's triathlonTriathlon winners for the men's heat are: First Place J.C. Brown (center), Second Place Steve Tanio (right) and Third Place Morgan Reinart (left).

 Photos from the 2016 Indoor Triathlon