Northwestern social sciences faculty to present community discussion forums

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Northwestern social sciences faculty to present community discussion forums

March 22, 2010

            A series of forums will be held in Alva, and presented by faculty members from the social sciences department at Northwestern Oklahoma State University.  J.W. Platt, instructor of history, will facilitate each forum.  All forums are free and open to the public and will be held at the Alva City Library at 7 p.m.

            The first forum, “The Current Recession:  Was it almost a second Great Depression,” will be held on Tuesday, March 30.  Dr. Fred Jungman, professor of economics, will be on hand to answer questions.

            This presentation will be based on a comparison between the current recession and the Great Depression.  Brief statistical information and a short reading will be provided.  The purpose of this forum is to further community understanding of the origins and results of economic cycles.

            On Tuesday, April, 6, Dr. Aaron Mason, assistant professor of political science, will assist Platt and speak about “The American Legal System and Terrorism:  How do you bring terrorists to justice?”

            Individuals will be provided with relevant passages from the United States Constitution, Supreme Court decisions, treaties and other readings to help the public gain an understanding of the complex nature of legal proceedings against terrorists.

            The final forum on Tuesday, April 20, “Immigration and the Law:  A modern dilemma,” will be presented by Platt.

            Participants will be provided with examples of historical immigration issues and statistics to facilitate understanding of the issue.

            For more information about the forums, contact Platt at (580) 327-8523 or, or Dr. Kay Decker, social sciences chair and forum coordinator, at (580) 327-8521 or