Clinician educates students on Alexander Technique

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Clinician educates students on Alexander Technique

September 26, 2012

 Ranger band practicing the Alexander Technique
Ranger band members from Northwestern Oklahoma State University work with Corrie Danieley on the Alexander Technique, an approach to rediscover how to use mind and body with more ease.

Corrie Danieley
Certified Alexander Technique teacher Corrie Danieley came to Northwestern to speak on the Alexander Technique.

Daily movements require mind and body to unify and make fluid actions. Corrie Danieley, a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, came to Northwestern Oklahoma State University to teach students to rediscover how to use their whole self – mind and body – in order to move with greater ease.

The Alexander Technique is a system of psycho-physical re-education. From birth to around the age of two, individuals function with beautiful ease and freedom. After that point, learned habits impede the way bodies were designed to move. Those habits can be unlearned and replaced with original impulses.

Those who benefit from the Alexander Technique are:

• People who experience repetitive strain injury like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome;

• People who suffer from backaches or stiff neck or shoulders;

• People who become stiff or sore after sitting for long periods of time;

• Some people who suffer from headaches find relief;

• Actors, singers, instrumentalists, athletes, public speakers - any performer who feels they are over-worked or not using their full potential.

Danieley, director and assistant professor of acting in the theatre department at North Greenville University, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in theatre and speech communication from Hannibal LaGrange College and a Master of Fine Arts in acting from Illinois State University.

A member of Actor’s Equity since 1999, she has worked professionally in New York. Danieley has also had the privilege to study acting with the Royal Shakespeare Company (Stratford, England), The National Theatre Institute and the Chautauqua Theatre Conservatory.