Claudia Young

Dr. Claudia Young


Assistant Professor of Spanish

Office: Vinson Hall 121

Telephone: 580-327-8464



Dr. Claudia Young joined the faculty of Northwestern in 2010.  She got her Ph.D. in Spanish from Texas Tech University.  She taught undergraduate courses at TTU beginning in 2004.  In the spring of 2008, she took the students to the Study Abroad Program in Seville, Spain.  Before that, she worked for several academic institutions in San Antonio, Texas, including the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).  She also worked for the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) in Mexico City, Mexico.  

Dr. Young is an enthusiastic Spanish teacher dedicated to inspiring students to learn Spanish language, literature and culture.  Originally from Mexico City, Dr. Young maintains an internationally active career.  She is aware of the importance of the cultural enrichment acquired by travels and participation in conferences.  In August 2012, Dr. Young traveled to Lima, Peru to present a paper on Jorge Icaza's novel Atrapados at the 8th International Conference: Literature, Memory, and Imagination in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Dr. Young's primary fields of interest include 20th century and contemporary Latin American literature, with a particular interest in Andean literature.  She works on topics related to Interdisciplinary Studies, Migration, Identity, Race, Otherness and Comparative Literature.  She is an active member of AATSP and ACTFL and has made a number of scholarly presentations.  She has written the book El mesticismo en la novelistica de Jorge Icaza, where she analyzes the role of the "mestizo" in the Ecuadorian author's novels.  She is also the author of El problema de los tiempos pretérito y copretérito en los extranjeros de habla inglesa que estudian español como segunda lengua en la UNAM, a dissertation of the conflict in the use of past tense in Spanish.













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