Case family establishes scholarship for Northwestern students

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Case family establishes scholarship for Northwestern students

April 14, 2016

Entire Case Family

Along with help from family and friends, long-time education and Northwestern supporters Angelia (far left), Lorraine (back) and Valarie Case (front right) were able to establish a scholarship in honor of the Case family and the late James Case (back right).

Due to James A. and Lorraine Case’s long-time support of education, the Case family – along with the assistance of family and friends – has established a scholarship in honor of James and the Case family.

James and Lorraine of Waynoka, Okla. wanted their daughters, Angelia and Valarie, to earn college degrees.

Angelia became a graduate of Art at Northwestern in 1984, and Valarie graduated with a degree in mass communications in 1985.

The sisters have worked at Northwestern since 1989; Valarie is the university relations specialist and Angelia is the academics projects assistant and media specialist.

“Being a Ranger to me means bleeding red and black,” Valarie said. “From the time I first became involved on campus as a student, Northwestern and its people became family. That feeling has just grown more and more through my years as an employee here.”

Because of the impact Northwestern had on the Case family, they say they are excited to have the opportunity to give back to the university.

“Northwestern has meant and still means the world to my daughters,” Lorraine said. “Both earned their bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Northwestern and have since become staff members.Through the years the faculty and staff at Northwestern are not just friends, they are family.”

With the passing of James in 1993, the family wanted to honor him with a contribution to education, as educational opportunities have always been important to the family. With the investment of family and friends at Northwestern who contributed to the Case Family Scholarship, it became endowed in 2014.

“My wish for the Case Family Scholarship is to help a deserving student with their education in our respective fields,” Lorraine said. “Jim and I always believed every child should have a good education. I’m hoping they will enjoy Northwestern as Angelia and Valarie have.”

The Case family understands the need of financial aid for students.

Case Family

Today, Angelia (left), Lorraine (center) and Valarie Case (right) look forward to honoring the late James Case through the established scholarship. 

“It is my hope that hard-working, involved students who may need a little extra help financially will get it through this,” Angelia said.“We definitely needed a little bit of help financially in school.We want to be able to help others, to give back to the university that has given us so much.”

“I attended Northwestern with Valarie and Angelia, so I know firsthand how much they love Northwestern,” said Skeeter Bird, Northwestern Foundation CEO.“This scholarship is a fitting tribute to their dad, who I also know they loved very much. Considering the dedicated service these two ladies have provided to this University and the qualities portrayed by this family, we are honored to preserve the Case Family Legacy with this scholarship.”

The scholarship will be awarded to a student either in the Department of Fine Arts or the Department of Mass Communication. The selection committee will alternate between the departments each year. The recipient must be a full-time student at Northwestern, maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.5, remain active in campus organizations and major or minor in Art or Mass Communications. First preference will be given to students from Waynoka, Okla. Second preference will be given to students from Woods County, Okla. Third preference will be given to students from northwest Oklahoma.

The scholarship may be applied toward University-related expenses, including tuition, fees, books, room and board.

For more information on the Case Family Scholarship or about investing in Northwestern students, call Skeeter Bird, Northwestern Foundation CEO, at 580-327-8599 or email him at