Carter Hall

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Carter Hall

Carter HallCarter Hall was constructed in 1937 as the Science Annex in a joint project with Jesse Dunn Building (with which it is connected by a hallway and series of classrooms) and Horarce Mann Building (later Education Center). Total cost of the three buildings was $545,000.

The building was named in 1953 in honor of Dr. T.C. Carter, long-time biology professor.

It was remodeled in 1964-65, primarily to house the mathematics department on the first floor after other science departments had been moved to the newly constructed Science Building. Further remodeling was authorized in 1966 in a joint project with Jesse Dunn Building at a cost of $150,000. That work was done in 1967-68, mainly on the second floor to provide for the foreign language and the geology and geography departments.

An extensive remodeling of the entire interior was carried out in 1982, turning the entire building into facilities for the new division of nursing at a cost of $548,000.

Carter Hall continues to house the facilities and staff for the nursing program. Included are: a nine-bed skills laboratory, a 17-carrel audio-visual laboratory, four large classrooms, two large lecture rooms, three conference rooms, a reference room, and nine spacious offices.