Candidate Grievance Procedure

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Candidate Grievance Procedure

Candidates may file a formal written grievance concerning campus or classroom problems that lack written policies. The candidate must first have attempted to resolve the matter by informal resolution. The candidate is responsible for attempting to resolve the matter by first bringing the issue to the attention of the individual whose action is grieved. If the candidate feels that the issue is not resolved, he/she may bring the issue to the attention of the supervisor for that particular department or office. A form is available in the back of the student handbook and on the NWOSU website for filing a grievance. All parties will be allowed to participate in the informal resolution.

When filing a formal written grievance, the grievance must be addressed to the individual whose action is being grieved, to the immediate supervisor, and to the appropriate dean or vice president. If an appeal is made to the president, the president will review previous decisions at lower levels and may render a decision or make recommendations.

Issues that have a written policy in place for addressing candidate grievances or appeals must be pursued in accordance to those policies. Examples include grade appeals and disciplinary action.

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