Campus Kudos winner for the month of February goes to Lendi Gourley

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Campus Kudos winner for the month of February goes to Lendi Gourley



            Campus Kudos is a public acknowledgement that applauds the efforts of eligible staff members who have displayed an act of kindness up and above their job responsibilities.  Anyone may submit nominations using the criteria and this form.  The following examples should be taken into consideration:

  • Makes a difference to NWOSU and/or to members of the campus community
  • Goes above and beyond expectations
  • Excels as a team player
  • Strives to bring out the Ranger "Spirit" in others

Date: 2-8-10

Name of Employee Nominated:               Lendi Gourley, Assistant Director of the Wellness Center                                                           

Nominated Employee’s Department:     Wellness Center

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Name of Nominator: Melanie Wilderman (Ted Satterfield, Dana Roark and Karen Sneary)

Nominator’s phone number: 327-8481 (Melanie’s)

Work relationship to nominated employee: We are all instructors on campus and use the Wellness Center frequently. We are also all on a team participating in Biggest Loser, which Lendi coordinates.


Explain the act of kindness that was significantly above and beyond the requirements: We think Lendi deserves recognition for her efforts in organizing the NWOSU edition of The Biggest Loser. This is the second year of the event, and the participation has increased a lot since last year. Lendi is always friendly, positive and helpful concerning issues of health and wellness. She is a great motivator and is helping to make our campus a healthier one.  We think coordinating this event and assuring that it runs so well is something above and beyond her regular duties. She is getting more people to participate in a healthy lifestyle. Kudos, Lendi!




Please return this form via email or campus mail to Denise Bay, member of the Staff Council Executive Committee