Business faculty to present at international conference

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Business faculty to present at international conference

January 31, 2013

Eight full-time Northwestern Oklahoma State University business faculty members will be participating in the 49th Annual Midwest Business Administration Association (MBAA) International Conference in Chicago Feb. 27-March 1. Two adjunct faculty members also will be presenting in the conference.

MBAA International is comprised of 12 different academic groups representing a wide range of business disciplines. The conference historically attracts 700-900 academics and professionals from across the United States and several foreign countries.

Dr. Steven Palmer, associate professor of business and chair of the Division of Business, will be co-chairing two roundtable discussions and presenting two papers.

His discussions cover the topics “Relevant and Innovative: Advancing Thoughts, Theories and Practices in Business Disciplines” and “Accreditation.” Lee Weyant, adjunct instructor of business, also will assist with these discussions.

Palmer will be presenting the papers “Every Vote Counts, But Should It?” and “Productivity and Stress: Complementary Approaches to More Effectively Manage the Workplace.”

In addition, Palmer is the proceeding’s editor for two of the 12 organizations, the Business, Society and Government Consortium (BSG) and the Midwest Academy of Legal Studies in Business (MALSB). Palmer will move from secretary of the MALSB to vice-president and program chair next year.

Dr. Jim Breyley, associate professor of business, currently is president and co-program chair of the BSG. Breyley will present two papers at the conference, “The Travails of American Indian Gambling Casinos” and “Social Responsibility: Looking Back.”

Dr. Wei Zhou, assistant professor of business, will be presenting “Why Do We Need to Invest In Art and Music? A Case Study in Northwestern Oklahoma Region” with Dr. Sarah Chan, assistant professor of music; and “Bridging the Gap: An Analysis of the International Students Program in Oklahoma” with Dr. Joseph Nnanna, assistant professor of business.

Accounting faculty members Dr. Ralph Bourret, assistant professor of accounting, and Dana Roark, instructor of accounting, have co-authored and will present “A Second Look at Retiring CEOs to Determine That They Are More Closely Monitored in Their Last Year?” This presentation is an extension of their distinguished paper presented at the Mustang Conference this past fall.

Dr. Charles “Kirk” Moore, assistant professor of business, will be presenting his paper “The Third Reich and Corporate Social Responsibility: Testing the Limits of CSR Definitions.”

Also presenting at the conference will be Dr. Etienne Musonera, adjunct professor of business.