BSU Noonday

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We have changed our Noonday schedule slightly. Due to the fact that we have a number of students and faculty members who are unable to come to Noonday on Wednesdays due to class and work schedules, we are making the following change.
1. Meal time will begin at 11:30. We are asking each church to help us out be arriving with enough time to prepare whatever they need so the meal can be available by 11:30a.m..
2. We will have a speaker with a short message for both the 11:30 time as well as for the main group (12:00) of faculty and students.
3. By about 11:50a.m., the main group will be arriving, and we will start serving as soon as they arrive.
4. This will allow us to have our speaker ready to speak by 12:10-12:15. He or she will conclude by 12:30pm and we will be cleaning up and sending the students and faculty out to meet their afternoon obligations.
5. Also, this will allow the churches bringing the meals to start home a little earlier, since a number of churches drive upwards of 75 miles or more and need to get back to prepare for Wednesday evening activities.
6. If you have problems or need assistance, feel free to call the director at (580) 371-5957 or call April Nighswonger at (580) 748-0835 or (580) 327-2786 (OSU Extension Office in Alva).
7. THANK YOU very much for your support and being an integral part of our outreach and ministry to Northwestern Oklahoma State University in Alva.

FALL 2011                                                             SPRING 2012 Church                                  Date                           Church                                     Date
Bethel Hawley BC               August 17                  Bethel Hawley BC                  January 18

Ringwood, FBC                    August 24                  Cleo Springs B                        January 25

Mooreland, FBC                  August 31                  Helena, FBC                            February 1

Protection, KS, FBC            September 7              Kiowa, KS FSBC                     February 8

Cleo Springs                        September 14            Mooreland,  FBC                     February 15

Buffalo, FBC                        September 21            Fairview, FBC                           February 22

Helena, FBC                        September 28            Waynoka, FBC                          February 29

Alva, FBC                             October 5                  Lincoln Ave BC                         March 7

Nash BC                               October 12                 Wakita, FBC                             March 14

Lincoln Ave BC                    October 19                 Buffalo, FBC                             March 28

Laverne, FBC                       October 26                 No Noonday (NW Day)            April 4

Kiowa, KS, FSBC                 November  2               Cherokee, FBC                        April 11

Fairview, FBC                       November 9                Laverne, FBC                           April 18

Cherokee, FBC                     November  16             Nash, FBC                                April 25

Waynoka, FBC                      December 7                Ringwood, FBC                        May 2


(Note: Some dates may change due to various situations. Noonday starts at 11:30am on Wednesdays for those who have class or work at noon. All other students are invited to arrive before 12:00 and join us in the line for a great meal.)