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Almuni Reunion Questionaire

Dear BSU Alums.

    Well, the idea for a reunion is still on the table. I have heard from a few and all seem to like the idea. But, I need someone(s) to take the lead.

    Also, here is something new. Many of you have expereinced some wonderful and some challenging things since your were a part of the BSU family at NWOSU as a student. So, we are going to try to keep this webpage updated at least once a month, if not twice a month. I am lining up one of our interns to accept this responsibility. So, here is what we would like to include. Tell us about what has happened to you since you left NWOSU. Tell us about your family or your job or a special event. I will be working with the folks here at NWOSU to try to include a picture or pictures with the write up. Don't be bashful.

    Finally, the last several months have been a challenge. In April, I started thinking that it would be a great idea to buy a flat screen television and put it on the wall to the left (south) of the fireplace. (Thanks to the help of Calleb Mosburg and Dean Scarbrough, the new flat screen was installed July 18). We will take the existing television (which still has a few miles left) and put it in the back room where we have the ping pong table and the pool table. That would also allow us to use the flat screen for praise and worship or videos for the students. But, as with a lot of things, a wrench (several wrenches) were thrown into the mix. We had to replace one of the big windows in the front when it was broken while mowing ($450). We are getting ready to have the carpets cleaned in the front room, kitchen, and restroom ($425). The state office in Oklahoma City is picking up the cost ($1400) to have a cleanout put in the sewer system. Needless to say, when the sewer backed up (twice) we had to make that as a priority. But, I would still like to put in the flat screen before the semester starts August 15. So, I am figuring that the cost for the TV and the bracket will be about $700-800. I talked with one alum last night and he and his wife want to monthly send some financial help.

So, think about it and let us know. You can contact us at: or (580) 371-5957.

I might add that we have already had good contact with a number of new students coming to NWOSU this Fall. This contact list includes several athletes, including soccer players, football players, cross country runners, band members, people interested in drama and theater, and others. Our challenge to the students beginning this Fall will be to read daily each week the same passage of scripture and see what God has to say to them. For example, try reading Psalm 8 every day for seven days. See what you can learn. Then change the scripture. You might want to consider giving praise as Deitrich Bonhoeffer did before and during World War II and before he was executed by Hitler. He found it strengthening to offer praise by praying a Psalm daily.