Brad Henry Scholarship
Applications (Regents application and NWOSU supplement)  are due Wednesday, March 1st for the Brad Henry Scholarship.

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2015 Brad Henry Scholarship Recipient Chandler Steckbeck
discusses her study abroad trip in Wales, England

Deadline Approaching--March 1st!

Study for a semester in Swansea, Wales!

Northwestern students are being offered the rare opportunity to spend a semester abroad studying in Swansea, Wales through the Brad Henry Scholarship program. Think of all you'll see, experience, and learn studying at the University of Swansea. 

Former Brad Henry Scholar--Delta Farmer--had a fantastic time and earned college credit too. Check out this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Applications (both the official application and the NWOSU supplement) are due March 1st to Dr. McMillin in Enid or Dr. Lane (Vinson Hall 210) for consideration.


FAQs about Brad Henry Scholarship and University of Swansea

1. Will I still be a student at Northwestern? Technically, yes, because you are on a scholarship representing NWOSU. However, you will be enrolled in classes at Swansea, Wales during your "scholarship" term; not Northwestern. Whether or not this will impact your financial aid will have to be discussed with the Financial Aid office.

2. Aren't UK semesters different than ours? Yes, they are. Most UK universities function with three "terms" (similar to our semesters). Here are the dates for the 2015-2016 term for the University of Swansea, Wales. Their Michaelmas term is roughly equivalent to our fall semester, running from Sept. 21, 2015 to Dec. 21, 2015. The Lent term (think Spring semester) runs from January 4, 2016 through March 18, 2016. Finally, their summer term runs from April 11, 2016 to June 10, 2016. Traditionally, students take their major exams at the end of the Lent term, hence the large breaks between semesters. Also, UK universities don't have "fall break" or "spring break."

3. I've graduated--or am about to graduate--can I apply? No, if you've already graduated. If you have not yet graduated, you are welcome to apply. However, you need to keep in mind that you must be an undergraduate when you attend Swansea so you CANNOT graduate before attending the university there. For most students, that means some adjusting of their plan of study. Because this has been a problem in the past, Northwestern now asks all applicants to write out how winning the Brad Henry Scholarship and studying for a term in Wales will impact their plan of study here at Northwestern.

4. The scholarship is for $10,000. What will that actually cover? In the past, it has covered your tuition and rooming at the University of Swansea, Wales. It also covered one round-trip airline ticket for the student. The rest of your expenses you will have to cover.