Bowling Rules

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Bowling Rules

- Captains are responsible for making sure you have players on your team that will follow the rules. Also the captains are responsible for reading these rules to his or her players.

- If you have any problems with officials or any appeals from a game they can be heard first, by the Director of Intramurals and then taken up with the Dean of Student Affairs

-University employees are eligible to play

- There will be 4 players to a team.

- It is $6 per person per week to play, this includes three games and shoes, and the winning team, highest male average, and highest female average will receive a shirt.

- Must be enrolled in at least 6 hrs of undergrad or 5 hrs of grad (1/2 time student) to be eligible to play.

- Teams will meet once a week.

- If you miss you will have 10 pins deducted from your average and that will be put down for your score.

- The Team with the most points at the end of the 9 week bowling period wins.

- Scoring: If the team wins the game they receive 2 pts and there are 3 games.
If the team wins the series they will receive 1 pt.
There are 7 total pts possible to receive per week.