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Dear Supporter of Ranger Athletics:

In late 2010, Northwestern Oklahoma State University announced its intention to seek membership in Division II of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). We strongly believe that the NCAA is the best national affiliation for the institution and its student-athletes and we are excited about the transition and the opportunities it will bring.

Membership in the NCAA will require a culture shift in the way Northwestern approaches athletics and in the relationships it maintains with boosters and donors. To expedite our transition, Northwestern has committed itself to immediately begin administering its athletic programs using the rules and policies established by the NCAA. In the jargon of education and athletics, this process is referred to as “compliance.”

As part of compliance efforts, Northwestern employed Wendy McManus as Associate Athletic Director for Compliance in January. Her role is to ensure, that Northwestern administrators, employees, coaches, student-athletes, boosters and donors understand the letter and spirit of NCAA rules and comply accordingly. Miss McManus will work closely with Andy Carter, our new Director of Athletics, and the rest of the department, in developing our compliance efforts.

To assist our many boosters and donors in the NCAA compliance process, our athletic department has created a brochure that provides basic, yet important information, on what is considered proper and improper actions. Under NCAA rules, Northwestern will be held responsible for the actions of “representatives of its athletic interests.” Boosters and donors fall under this category. Any rules violations will be reported by the University to the NCAA. Possible sanctions for rules violations include the loss of eligibility by a student-athlete, bans on postseason play and official disassociation with individual boosters and donors.

I encourage you to read the brochure or visit our compliance website at I also encourage you to contact Miss McManus at (580) 327-8635 or at with any questions regarding the compliance process. It is better to ask before you act.

We look forward with great anticipation to the day when our fans can enjoy the full level of excitement and competition that will come with full membership in the NCAA and the Great American Conference.



Janet Cunningham, Ed.D.

Guide to NCAA Rules