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Division of Business Course Rotation Schedules

Division of Business
Course Rotation Schedule
AY 2014-2015 and AY 2015-2016

Legend: A=Alva  E=Enid  W=Woodward  P=Ponca City  O=Online  IO=ITV or Online
Summer classes will be offered, but there is no guarantee as to which courses will be offered in the summer.
Students should not anticipate that a particular course will be taught in the summer because it has been taught in the summer in the past.
Internship classes are offered every semester and during the summer session.

Course # Course Fall 2015 Spring 2016 Summer 2016 Fall 2016 Spring 2017 Summer 2017


ACCT 2003 Survey of Accounting O   A,E,W,P
ACCT 2123 Financial Accounting A,W,O IO A,W,O O
ACCT 2133 Managerial Accounting O A,W,O IO A,W,O
ACCT 3103 Intermediate I A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O
ACCT 3113 Intermediate II A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O
ACCT 3123 Governmental/Nonprofit Acct O A,E,W,P
ACCT 3133 Individual Income Tax O A,E,W,P,O
ACCT 3143 Business Income Tax
ACCT 3153 Cost Accounting I A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O
ACCT 3163 Cost Accounting II IO
ACCT 3213 Income Tax for Financial Planning IO


ACCT 3923 Advanced Business Law/Ethics IO IO
ACCT 4123 Advanced Accounting IO
ACCT 4133 Accounting Information Systems A,E,W,P,O O
ACCT 4143 Petroleum Accounting IO
ACCT 4173 Auditing
ACCT 4183 Advanced Auditing
ACCT 4303 Int'l Accounting
ACCT 4363 Professional Ethics
ACCT 4480 Topics/Accounting IO


ECON 2103 Survey of Economics O A,E,W,P
ECON 2113 Principles of Macroeconomics A,W,O A,W,O A,W A,W,O
ECON 2123 Principles of Microeconomics A,W,O A,W,O A,W,O A,W,O


FIN 1113 Personal Finance A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O IO A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O IO
FIN 3013 Survey of Finance A,E,W,P O
FIN 3153 Entrepreneurial Finance

FIN 3163 Business Finance A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O
FIN 4213 Real Estate IO O
FIN 4233 Retirement Planning

FIN 4323 Investments IO
FIN 4453 Financial Planning Capstone

General Business

GBUS 1013 Introduction to Business O A,W
GBUS 1021 Business Environment IO IO IO IO IO IO
GBUS 2013 Business Math A,E,W,P A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P A,E,W,P,O
GBUS 2033 Leadership in Business A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O
GBUS 2903 Legal Environment A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P
GBUS 3513 International Business A,E,W,P, O O
GBUS 3613 Entrepreneurship O A,E,W,P
GBUS 3753 Business Research A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O
GBUS 3923 Advanced Business Law/Ethics IO IO
GBUS 3953 Business, Society & Government A,E,W,P O A,E,W,P A,E,W,P,O
GBUS 4223 Current Issues in Alternative Energy O O
GBUS 4233 Current Environmental Issues O IO
GBUS 4313 Advanced Entrepreneurship O A,E,W,P
GBUS 4363 Business Start-up A,E,W,P
GBUS 4423 Entrepreneurship Seminar A,E,W,P A,E,W,P
GBUS 4453 Franchising IO
GBUS 4913 Alternative Energy Law IO IO
GBUS 4933 Business Ethics A,E,W,P IO
GBUS 4953 Employment Law O A,E,W,P
GBUS 4973 Estate Planning IO IO


MGMT 3063 Principles of Management A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O
MGMT 3413 Compensation Management O A,E,W,P
MGMT 3433 Organizational Behavior A,E,W,P O
MGMT 4213 Small Business Management A,E,W,P O
MGMT 4243 Environmental Management IO IO
MGMT 4333 Human Resources Management O A,E,W,P,O
MGMT 4343 Cross-Cultural Management A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O
MGMT 4353 Production/Operations Management IO IO
MGMT 4413 Business Risk Mgmt & Insurance IO
MGMT 4433 Business Policy A,E,W,P A,E,W,P A,E,W,P A,E,W,P
MGMT 4480 Topics: Management IO IO

Management Information Systems

MIS 3413 Management Info Systems O O O O


MRKT 3043 Principles of Marketing A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O A,E,W,P,O
MRKT 3413 Consumer Behavior A,E,W,P O
MRKT 3423 Services Marketing IO IO
MRKT 3443 Retail Marketing IO IO
MRKT 3453 Sports Marketing A,E,W,P A,E,W,P
MRKT 4043 Sales O A,E,W,P
MRKT 4103 Marketing Management A,E,W,P O
MRKT 4113 International Marketing A,E,W,P O
MRKT 4253 Integrated Marketing Communication O A,E,W,P
MRKT 4480 Topics: Marketing IO IO