Bachelor of Arts in English

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Bachelor of Arts Degree--English

Students who wish to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in English will complete 54 hours beyond General Education courses, 40 of which must be taken in English with the remaining 14 hours taken in a minor. Possible minors include speech, music, journalism, art, psychology, social studies, physical education, library science, foreign language, and speech pathology.

Below are the courses required for the Bachelor of Arts in English (parentheses around a number means that the course is not required but may be counted toward the minimum total for a major or minor):

B.A. EnglishMajorMinor
ENGL 2123 Foundations of English Studies


ENGL 2543 English Literature to 18003
ENGL 2653 English Literature Since 18003
ENGL 2773 American Literature to Whitman3
ENGL 2883 American Literature Since Whitman3
ENGL 3103 Shakespeare3
ENGL 3403 World Literature3
ENGL 4163 Literary Criticism3
ENGL 4173 English Usage3
Writing Requirement (choose 1)
     ENGL 3513 Technical Writing
     ENGL 3523 Advanced Composition
     ENGL 4113 Creative Writing
ENGL 4453 English Capstone3

 English Electives (with approval of dept.)
 Advanced English Electives***
     ***Must include one British and one American novels course