Assessment Day

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Northwestern to Resume Classes on Assessment Day 


Northwestern will no longer cancel classes on Assessment Day due to the capabilities to complete all assessments and gather data either online or within courses.

Below is a brief summary of how we will proceed in the future with what once were our Assessment Day activities. 

The Noel Levitz student satisfaction inventory we began using in 2013 will be administered online every third year. Our next administration will be online in 2016.

The ETS Proficiency Profile will be administered over the course of 2 days rather than 2 time periods so students have a larger window to complete it. In 2015, the dates will be April 7th and 8th.

We will not hold any workshops this year, but may look at the effectiveness of resuming these in the future.

Education interviews will be scheduled within the interviewing committees over the course of a few days.

ACAT and other exit exams will be scheduled by department.

Prizes will still be utilized as a means of incentive for students to complete the online surveys.

 If you have any questions, please contact Brooke Taylor at