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Student - Ashlynn Walker

Ashlynn WalkerAshlynn Walker
Hometown: Perryton, Texas
Major: Speech/theatre, senior

Q:  What does being a Ranger mean to you?

A:  Being a Ranger is more than just saying Northwestern is where you go to school. It’s about belonging to something bigger than you are. Even though we are all individuals, together we make up the institution itself. It’s not about the buildings on campus. It’s about the people who fill them every day.

Q:  How did you learn about Northwestern?

A:  I am a second generation Northwestern student. My mother and aunt both graduated from here.

Q:  What is your favorite class or subject?

A:  So far, my favorite classes have been Principles of Directing and Small Group Communication. Directing was the first class I took within my major, and even though I hadn’t had the prerequisites, I had to take the class because of rotation. It’s my favorite because it forced me to think outside the box and utilize the tools I was being given throughout the semester. I loved small group because it forced me to examine myself and taught me more about working with others than I ever thought possible. Both classes have been invaluable in my education here.

Q:  Can you tell a short story about a favorite time at Northwestern?

A:  It has become a tradition in the theatre department to sing “Proud Mary” after stirking the set of every production. Music is a big part of our lives, and so it isn’t a big surprise when one of us breaks into song and the rest follow. With that comes some of the best times I’ve had here at Northwestern.

Q:  What clubs or student organizations do you participate in and why?

A:  I am currently the president of Castle Players and have been a participant of this club for two years now. Also, I am a founding mother of what we like to call Weast Watch. It’s so secret you have to be initiated for me to tell you what we’re about.

Q:  What do you like best about going to school at Northwestern?

A:  I love the atmosphere here on campus. Everyone is always on the move – to lunch, to class, to work. Even in the library you can feel the energy in the air.

Q:  If you live off campus, what do you like about living in the community?

A:  I went to school here while my mother went back to Northwestern to finish her degree, so I was familiar with the community when I moved back. One thing I love about Alva is the atmosphere of genuine friendliness everywhere you go.

Q:  What advice would you give students who are considering attending Northwestern?

A:  The faculty and staff here at Northwestern are readily available to you more so than at any other university. The professors are qualified and knowledgeable in each of their chosen fields of study and are more than willing to help you at any time in the semester. There are numerous clubs and organizations for you to become a part of and will welcome you with open arms. Northwestern will soon feel like home.

Goals:  I believe in hard work and giving more than a hundred percent in all you do. Whether it’s class work or personal, always put forth the most effort imaginable and then push yourself a little harder. I may not yield instantaneous results, but have faith and good things will come to you in the end.

Q:  What is something about yourself you don’t mind sharing with others?

A:  I am more at home and comfortable on stage in front of more than a hundred people than behind a podium in a speech class.

Q:  What are some of your hobbies?

A:  Painting, scrapbooking and exploring abandoned houses


Color:  Emerald green

Type of Music:  Soundtracks and Showtunes

Musical Artist:  Stevie Nicks

Book:  Where the Wild Things Are

Food:  Anything Italian

Movie:  All About Eve

TV Show:  The Golden Girls or Glee. It’s a tight race.

Actor/Actress:  Katharine Hepburn

Season:  Fall

Drink:  Sweet tea with lemon

Sport to Watch:  Basketball

Pet:  Border Collie

Vehicle:  Anything Mustang before 1970

Flower:  Calla Lily

Day of the Year:  Halloween

Inspirational Quote: “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face … you must do the thing you think you cannot do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt