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Student -- Ashlynn Frey

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Student -- Ashlynn Frey

Ashlynn FreyAshlynn Frey
Sophomore in Early Childhood Education
Hometown: Lahoma, OK

Choosing a college was easy for Ashlynn.

“I never searched anywhere else. Northwestern was the ONE for me from the beginning,” she said.

Having a love for children has helped Ashlynn decide her career path in college. However, when she first came to Northwestern, she was not an early childhood education major.

“I came to college knowing exactly what I would do the rest of my life. By Christmas break, my freshman year, I had changed majors. I’m thankful that my adviser was so helpful during the change.”

Ashlynn believes that Northwestern is unique because of its size.

“At universities like OSU or OU there are so many students in each classroom. I would be just a number. But at Northwestern, professors know our names and are willing to help every student succeed,” she said.

Northwestern, in Ashlynn’s eyes, is personal, affordable and ROWDY!

While attending Northwestern, Ashlynn has been involved in NSA, the Delta Zeta sorority and the BSU. She is also a PLC sophomore mentor.

“If you want quality, consider Northwestern. Affordable education, excellent professors and teachers who care and a campus full of pride are just a few of the many things Northwestern offers,” Ashlynn said.

Ashlynn would like to give thanks to the community of Alva.

“The people, businesses and churches are so helpful and caring. They are always there to support the students and organizations from Northwestern. Thank you!”


“I love children and my goals are to graduate from Northwestern and become an elementary teacher in a small, Northwestern Oklahoma school.”

What Does Being a Ranger Mean to You?

“Being a Ranger means taking pride in everything I do. It means I will strive to do my best in and out of the classroom. ‘Being a Ranger’ means I am part of something great and even after I graduate I’ll always be connected; I will always BE A RANGER!”

Q: What do you like best about going to school here?
A: “The atmosphere. It’s small and still has everything I need and want.”

Q: Short story about a favorite class and/or time at Northwestern?
A: “My favorite moment at Northwestern was when I was crowned Miss Northwestern.”

Q: What on and/or off campus activities/events should a student not miss while attending Northwestern?
A: “Miss Cinderella and Miss Northwestern pageants for sure! Homecoming, White Out and Bahama Breakaway are really fun events that everyone goes to!”

Q: What are the benefits and/or why have you continued living in the dorm?
A: “Besides saving money, living in the dorms is great for many other reasons. You can walk from your dorm to the farthest classroom on campus in less than five minutes. Dorm life also gives students more opportunities to become involved on campus.”

Sweet Home Alabama
TV Show: Reba
Color: Hot Pink
Book: Holy Bible
Food: Mexican
Type of music/group/singer: George Strait
Hobbies: cooking, scrapbooking, riding horses, exercising, spending quality time with family, friends and little children
NWOSU Class: English  -- I enjoy researching, learning new things and then writing about it.