Northwestern signs articulation agreement with local technology centers

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Northwestern signs articulation agreement with local technology centers

October 10, 2008

Recruiting students into jobs in the field of healthcare has become increasingly challenging during the past several years. In an articulation agreement between Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Autry Technology Center (Enid), High Plains Technology Center (Woodward) and Northwest Technology Center (Alva), students from northwest Oklahoma are eligible to receive college credit toward a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree at Northwestern after completing an allied health program at respective Technology Centers.

Articulation Agreement Signing 
Many hands have played a part in coordinating this extraordinary agreement. This opportunity will give northwest Oklahoma the upper-hand in providing a quality education to health care students. Attending Friday’s signing ceremony were: (Back row, L to R) Jane Bowen, Northwest Technology Center (NWTC)-Alva assistant superintendent; Dr. Cheryl Evans, Enid campus dean, Dr. Gerald Harris, NWTC assistant superintendent-Fairview; Dr. Steve Lohmann, Northwestern executive vice president; Dr. Carole McKenzie; Dr. James Bowen, Northwestern dean of the School of Professional Studies; Tara Thomas, NWTC-Business and Industry Services Health Director; Sue Mitchell, High Plains Technology Center-Practical Nursing Coordinator; and Deena Fisher, Woodward campus dean. (Front row, L to R) Marcie Mack; Freelin Roberts; Dr. Janet Cunningham, and Don Bird.

Area high school students and adult students can take full advantage of this program and will have the opportunity to save time and money with the agreement between the Technology Centers.

Established to offer additional credits to licensed practical nurses’ (LPN) and other allied health workers, this agreement also will give students the opportunity to move quickly through the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program at Northwestern.

“There are often barriers for allied health workers and LPN’s to complete their BSN because they have to repeat content that they have already had,” said Dr. Carole McKenzie, chair and associate professor of nursing. “Northwestern will be awarding credit for specific content that students received in previous allied health programs.”

Students benefit in that they receive credit for courses that they will not have to repeat once they are accepted into the BSN program. McKenzie said faculty at Northwestern are assured that the content has been reviewed and know that the students who have been at the Technology Centers come prepared with content that is expected. Faculty at the Technology Centers can encourage their students to attend Northwestern knowing they will receive appropriate credit.

“We are very fortunate to have three excellent technology centers in our communities and begin this new chapter in collaboration with our education partners,” said Dr. Janet Cunningham, university president.

LPN’s will receive a minimum of 23 credits toward their BSN degree, and allied health students will receive a minimum of 12 credits toward their BSN degree. They also may test out of an additional three hours of credit.

This initiative with northwest regional education partners will help to strengthen relationships within the region.

“This agreement is unique in that a four-year university and three technology centers are working together to help solve the shortage of healthcare workers in northwest Oklahoma,” Freelin Roberts, Northwest Technology Center superintendent, said.

Cunningham, Roberts and Don Bird, High Plains Technology Center superintendent, attended the event. Representing Autry Technology Center was Marcie Mack, assistant superintendent.

“We are thrilled that we can work with Northwestern on this important initiative,” Bird said.

“We must commend those who helped with the agreement and who are thinking forward and looking into the future to provide quality health providers for northwest Oklahoma,” Cunningham said. “Dr. McKenzie has done a wonderful job working to make this agreement possible.”

For more information about health careers programs at Northwest Technology Center in Alva call (580) 327-0344 or in Fairview call (580) 227-3708, Autry Technology Center at 580 242-2750, High Plains Technology Center at (800) 375-6618. Contact McKenzie at (580) 327-8489 or, regarding the BSN program at Northwestern.