Art Show Specifications & Category Descriptions

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Art Show Specifications & Category Descriptions

updated 1-13-16

Art Society encourages the Northwestern community
to get creative and enter the 13th Annual Art Show!

Welcome to our 13th Art Show! We in the NWOSU Art Society hope that you'll be involved in our show this year. We work hard through the year to make this show happen for you. We've changed a few things… so look carefully!

We hope to see your work in our show!

1) All entries should be brought to the Library and you will be directed to the room to leave your pieces. If you live out of town, you may mail the pieces to Angelia Case, NWOSU, FA 211, 709 Oklahoma Blvd. You must provide the postage to return the piece to you, or come by the office to pick it up.
2) All Fine Arts entries may be framed. All must be ready to hang, or they will be fitted with Velcro to hang.
3) All photographs must be 5"x7" minimum.
4) All photographs must be matted or mounted. No frames will be allowed. No exceptions.
5) No kits are allowed - all work must be original including cartoon/comic characters.
Matting/mounting can be purchased for a reasonable fee at the frame shop in downtown Alva, or empty mats may be purchased at a local discount store. Some matting/mounting boards may be purchased through the NWOSU Art Society. Contact Angelia Case, FA 211, for more information.

See Entry Form for more rules and information.

Questions may be sent to:

In Visual Art:

1) *3 Dimensional/Sculpture -needs to have an appearance of length, width, and depth. Can be made from wood, casting plaster, or any other sculpting techniques. It can also be an assemblage- a work of art made by grouping found or unrelated objects.

2) Cartoon/Comics - All concepts and work must be the artist's own. No copies of other characters. If created digitally, artwork should be submitted in a high resolution, print quality form. All should be mounted or matted for display.

3) *Digital Art- artworks created entirely using computer hardware and software, or for digital photographs or scanned images that have been profoundly manipulated and/or combined using computer software.

4) Drawing- drawings in any medium (ex: pen, pencil, charcoal, ink, pastel, etc.)

5) Mixed Media/Collage- involving the use of two or more artistic media.

6) *Painting - any paintings done in acrylics or oils. *NEW (You may enter 6 paintings)

7) Watercolor - Paintings can be done in watercolors. *NEW (You may enter 3 paintings)

In Artisan Crafts:

1) *Crochet/Knitting/Needlework - usually done with needles and yarn or thread. Needlework could include, but is not limited to embroidery, needlepoint, and tapestry.

2) Jewelry - items made to be worn as ornaments. (ex: necklaces, bracelets, earrings or rings) Concepts and design must be original. Beads may be purchased.

3) *Pottery - objects (such as vases, bowls, plates, etc.) that are made out of clay usually by hand and then baked at high temperatures so that they become hard.

4) *Quilts - made from 2 layers of fabric along with some type of batting, this can be made into any beautiful colors or patterns.

5) *Wildcard - the category for entries that don’t exactly fit in another category within this division.

In Photography:

1) *13 – Since this will be the 13th annual art show, this category is to depict 13 in a creative way. This is very open to interpretation and creativity is encouraged.

2) Action - Photos that show action of any type.

3) Animals - for all photos of any animal.

4) Black and White - for all photos black and white only.

5) *Cityscapes - A pictorial view of a city or section of one. Must have the characteristic appearance of a city. A landscape taken in an urban environment.

6) Elements of Design - Artistic images that make good use of elements of design. These photos must emphasize the use of line, shape, pattern, form, texture, perspective, etc. It can be any subject matter as long as it is a photograph; no graphic illustrations made in a program like Adobe Illustrator or digital creations for this category. Creativity is encouraged.

7) Landscapes - A landscape is a section or portion of scenery as seen from a single viewpoint. Scenery is the subject of a landscape image. Showcases outdoor beauty. Typically, people and animals are not shown in a landscape, unless they are relatively small in the image and have been included in the composition to show scale.

8) *Light - something that contains an element of light. Light is the main subject of the photo.

9) Macro - Extreme close up photography usually of small subjects in which the size of the subject in the photograph is greater than life size.

10) *Northwestern Campus Life - must be related to Northwestern in some way, whether it shows school spirit, events, activities, campus, etc. This is life on campus.

11) People - Pictures of people should say something. These are pictures of people in all walks of life.

12) Plants - for all photos of plant life.

13) *Wildcard - the category for photos that don’t exactly fit in another category within this division.

*Denotes NEW or changed/renamed categories.

If, in the opinion of the judges, none of the entries in a category meet the standards of excellence, no award will be given. Judges may award any place to an entry based on merit.