Archaeological Investigations

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Archaeological Investigations

Tue, November 27, 20126:30 PM

Location:  Alva Campus - Science Building - Science Amphitheater

6:30 to 8:00 p.m.

Since 2008, the Oklahoma Archaeological Survey has been conducting fieldwork at two different mound sites in southeast Oklahoma, the Clement site and the Grobin Davis site.  these sites were built and used between AD 1000 and 1500 by the prehistoric ancestors of the present-day Caddo Nation of Oklahoma.  The prehistoric Caddo are known for their elaborately decorated pottery, some of the finest made in ancient North America.  This presentation will cover the results of our excavations, which are providing exciting new clues about the nature of Caddie ritual and mound ceremonialism in the Red River drainage.

Admission:  None

Contact:  Dr. Jason Wickham 580-327-8560 or