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Apply for Admission

Be a Ranger!

Students on LawnYou’ve done the research, you’ve made the campus visits, and now you’re ready to take that next step to become a Northwestern Oklahoma State University Ranger and proudly wear the Red and Black. We’ve tried to make it easy for you by providing you with a choice of how you’d like to apply for admission.

You can apply online, which will require that you provide credit card information to pay the $15 application fee, or you can print out an application form to fill out and return to us by mail along with a check for $15.

Print Version of Application Form
Includes the application for admission form, as well as the Immunization Records and Hepatitis B forms that must be filled out and provided to Northwestern.

Online Application
If you are using the online application form, you must also click on the link provided below to fill out the Immunization Records and Hepatitis B Statement and provide it to Northwestern.
Immunization Records and Hepatitis B Statement (Immunization Policy)

Don’t forget that you also must send your current high school transcript to the Registrar's Office, and upon your graduation, you must provide an official copy of your eight semester transcript.

What is the deadline to apply for admission?
If you are a United States citizen or United States permanent resident you can apply up until classes begin for the semester you wish to attend. We encourage you to apply as soon as possible as some of the other applications such as Scholarships, Financial Aid and Student Housing have deadlines and awards are dependent upon being admitted.

Once I am accepted, when do I enroll?
Students EnrollingIf you have been accepted to Northwestern prior to Freshman Connection in April, you may enroll on this day. Freshman Connection is a day designed for the high school senior who knows s/he is planning on attending Northwestern in the fall. This day is the first opportunity incoming freshmen will have to enroll in classes. This day is very important because it allows you to meet advisors, see the campus, plus it gives you the best opportunity to set up a schedule that is best for you. Your parents are welcome to tag along because we have a special time devoted to them as well. It is very important that you make it to Freshman Connection so you can get the best classes at the best times. Should you have any questions regarding Freshman Connection, please feel free to call us at 580-327-8546. We look forward to seeing you in April for Freshman Connection.

If you are accepted after Freshman Connection or are not a freshman, please make an appointment with the Office of Recruitment to set up an enrollment session.

Ranger Connection a Required Class for All First-time Freshmen
All first-time freshmen must take Ranger Connection, a one credit hour class that helps students adjust to college life. It can be found under “University Studies” in the Updated Course Schedules.

I’m enrolled, now what?
If you have decided to take summer classes, we’ll see you in May, June and/or July. If you’ll be starting classes in the fall, you’ll be required to attend Freshman Orientation on the Saturday prior to the first day of school in August. Freshman Orientation serves as a formal introduction to Northwestern and some of its traditions. Students will learn the school’s fight song, “Ride, Rangers, Ride.” Students also will meet administrators, faculty, staff and fellow students to help ease their transition from high school to college.

Freshmen also will take a tour and learn about the services of the J.R. Holder Wellness Center, obtain ID cards and parking decals, have photos taken for the hometown newspapers and pose for one large group photo of the class.

Students also will hear messages geared toward the need to study hard, go to class, get involved, be prepared and manage their time for a successful college experience.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 580-327-8546 or