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If you are interested in the ToPPS project at NWOSU and would like to apply, please make sure to complete the following checklist:

  1. Confirm that you can attend the summer institute at NWOSU-Alva from July 6 - 10, 2015 in your calendar and save the dates.
  2. Complete the online application (follow the "Application" link at the top left of this page).
  3. Complete the "Agreement to Participate." This hard copy form is similar to the online application, but requires signatures from you, your principal and the NWOSU ITQ ToPPS program director, Steven Maier.  This agreement will be made available once participants have been selected.
  4. When returning the signed agreement, include a 100% refundable $100 check to "NWOSU ITQ ToPPS" to the address below.  This check will be returned to participants completing the 5-day summer institute.  This is only a preventative measure to eliminate "no-shows" and assure we have as many participants as possible.  Checks will not be returned to "no-shows."

The program director will maintain contact with potential participants so that if there is a cancellation before the institute begins, those on a waiting list will be notified of the opening.

Contact Information

Steven J. Maier
Department of Natural Science
Northwestern Oklahoma State University
709 Oklahoma Blvd. Alva, OK  73717  

Office Phone: 580.327.8562

Email: sjmaier@nwosu.edu


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