Alcohol and Athletes

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It is important for athletes to understand that alcohol cancels out gains from your workouts.

How can alcohol affect an athlete?

• Affects sleep-An athlete’s body needs sleep to replenish and repair after a workout
• Prevents muscle recovery
• Alcohol is a toxin that travels through the bloodstream and causes dehydration
• Affects the ability to learn and store information and makes it harder for athletes to learn plays
• Depletes your source of energy
• Constricts metabolism and endurance

Safe Harbor:
Any student-athlete may refer him/herself for evaluation or counseling by contacting a coach and/or the athletic trainer. The coach will contact the athletic trainer immediately. This will be strictly confidential and no team or administrative sanctions will be imposed upon the student-athlete who has made a personal decision to seek professional assistance. A self-referral after a testing notification or prior to the results of a drug test will not result in a safe harbor situation.
This procedure of safe harbor is to benefit a student-athlete with a problem. This athlete may come forth at any time for a self-referral. When making a self-referral, the athlete may only be protected from a possible result of a positive drug test if the athlete comes forward before he/she is notified to test. The safe harbor may only be utilized once in the athlete’s career at Northwestern Oklahoma State University when it involves drug testing. The athlete may make self-referrals for help at any time.

After the athlete has utilized the safe harbor, he/she has 30 days of suspension from drug testing. The 30 days of suspension will start the day the athlete notifies the coach and/or athletic trainer that he/she wants to utilize the safe harbor. During the 30 days of suspension, the athlete will not be in the random pool of drug testing with the rest of the athletic community. After 30 days, the athlete will be reinstated in the random pool of drug testing with the rest of the athletic teams.

For more information, read NWOSU's Athletic Drug Policy