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Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Education -- New program

Overview of the Program
Agriculture Education at Northwestern consists of a 54-credit hour general education component and a 70-credit hour major/minor component; thereby, satisfying the 124-credit hour requirement for completing a Bachelor of Science degree. Requirements for the Agriculture Education major program consist of three core groups of classes that include agriculture, agriculture enrichment, and professional education cores. The agriculture core includes 27 hours of agriculture science and mechanical agriculture based classes, while the agriculture enrichment core allows students to select 9 hours from production agriculture, speech and communications, natural resources, and/or agriculture sales subject areas. The third and final professional education core will consist of 34 credit hours of education and agriculture education based classes. Included in the professional education core will be 10 credit hours associated with student teaching.

Job Opportunities
This degree is designed to prepare students to be certified as agricultural education teachers in grades 6-12 in Oklahoma. Agriculture education teachers are subject matter specialists in agriculture, food and natural resources and in teaching and learning and are prepared to live, teach and lead in an increasingly complex, global society. In addition, these teachers are attentive to individual differences, demonstrate life-long learning, and integrate core academic subjects into local agricultural education programs. Currently, there is a great need for agriculture education teachers in Oklahoma and predictions are that the need will increase over the next several years.

The Northwestern Foundation is a non-profit organization that manages and distributes scholarship funds for the university. A $500 scholarship has been established for students who qualify for the Agriculture Education program.

In addition to classrooms located on the Alva campus, Northwestern’s Agriculture program currently has a working University Farm, located approximately 6 miles south and 2.25 miles west of the city of Alva. The 320-acre farm consists of both tillable wheat ground and mixed-grass prairie. Improved buildings located at the farm consist of a classroom facility, a 16-crate swine farrowing barn, a pole-type hay barn, two enclosed metal barns, and a small set of cattle working facilities.

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