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Agriculture Education Course Rotation Schedule

Undergraduate Agriculture Courses
Legend: A=Alva E=Enid W=Woodward P=Ponca City G=Guymon O=Online IO=ITV or Online
TBA=Location to be assigned ARRANGE=Offered by arrangement during this semester
**=Announce Summer Location

Course Name Fall Odd Spring Interim Spring Even Summer Interim Summer Even Fall Even Spring Odd Summer Odd
AGED 3103 Found. & Phil. of Tchg. Ag. Ed. A A
AGED 3203 Planning the Community Program in Ag. Ed. A A
AGED 4113 Lab. Instr. in Ag. Ed. A A A A
MCAG 1413 Intro to Engineering in Agri. A A
MCAG 3011 Ag. Structures A A
MCAG 3211 Engines & Power A
MCAG 3222 Metals & Welding A A A A
MCAG 3232 Lab Mgmt. & Proj. Constr. A A A A
MCAG 4101 Ag. Electrification A
AGRI 1113 Agricultural Economics A A
AGRI 1124 Intro to Animal Science A A
AGRI 1124 Lab A A A
AGRI 1214 Intro to Plant Science A A
AGRI 1214 Lab A A A
AGRI 2113 General Horticulture A A
AGRI 2123 Livestock Feeding A A
AGRI 3033 Forage Crops & Pastures A A
AGRI 3112 Live Animal Evaluation I A A
AGRI 3133 Breeds of Livestock A A
AGRI 3173 Crop Adaptation & Distr A A
AGRI 3214 Soil Science A A
AGRI 3214 Lab A A A
AGRI 3413 Animal Genetics A A
AGRI 3443 Animal Reproduction A
AGRI 3543 Prin. Animal Nutrition A A
AGRI 3800 Internship in Agriculture A A
AGRI 4123 Agricultural Marketing A
AGRI 4133 Crop Prod. & Cultrl Sys A A
AGRI 4143 Agrichem. & Waste Mgmt A A
AGRI 4233 Farm Management A
AGRI 4470 Ind. Study in Agronomy A A A A
AGRI 4470 Ind. Study in Animal Sci. A A A A
AGRI 4480 International Studies Abroad in Agriculture ** TBA ** TBA
AGRI 4480 Crop Consulting A A
AGRI 4613 Purebred & Cow-Calf Beef Cattle Mgmt A A
AGRI 4623 Stocker & Feedlot Cattle Mgmt A A
AGRI 4643 Swine Science A A