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Business Advisory Board

The Business Advisory Council’s mission is to promote, advise and support the Division of Business in achieving its mission, fulfilling its vision, honoring its values and continually improving the education provided students. The Board generally will meet once during the Fall semester and again once during the Spring semester. The members of the Board are invited to serve on the Board for a three-year term by the university president. 

Members are individuals of stature who are interested in supporting quality business education and willing to share their knowledge, skills, talent and expertise to achieving the Council’s mission. In addition to attending meetings, as their schedule allows, members are also expected to support the Division of Business and university. Such support may take several different forms, such as speaking in classes, judging student events, mentoring students, providing student internships, attending academic, athletic or performing arts events, financial contributions, assisting the division or foundation in fundraising or other forms of support to further the Division and/or the university.

The board members reflect diversity and inclusiveness.  In this regard, members represent, but not be limited to, the geographic area served by Northwestern Oklahoma State University, especially the three communities in which campuses are located. Members are selected from corporate senior management, business owners/managers, government and community leadership, professionals (i.e. physicians, engineers, architects, etc.) and non-profit senior management.

The members of the advisory council are:

Members: Mr. Jay Benge, Mr. Kyle Brownlee, Mr. Jeff Eaton, Mr. Tom Evans, Mr. Mead Ferguson, Mr. Randy Hamm, Mr. Todd Holder, Elizabeth Kinzie, M.D., Mr. Bert Mackie, Ms. Jane McDermott, Mr. Daron Rudy, Mr. Richard Ryerson (Chair), Ms. Kelli Schovanek, Mr. Steve Stands and Mr. Chad Wilkerson.

Ex-Officio Members: Dr. Janet Cunningham (President), Dr. Bo Hannaford (Executive Vice President), Dr. David Pecha (Vice President for Administration), Mr. Calleb Mosburg (Dean of Student Affairs), and Dr. David Hawkins (Chair, Division of Business)