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B.S. Degree Major/Minor (126 hours)

General Education (54 hours)

These courses are required General Education courses for Accounting majors

ENGL 1113 Composition I

ENGL 1213 Composition II

SCOM 1113 Introduction to Speech Communication

MATH 1513 College Algebra

FIN 1113 Personal Finance

GBUS 2033 Leadership in Business

MATH 1313 Statistics


Foundation Core (18 hours):

ACCT 2123 Financial Accounting

ACCT 2133 Managerial Accounting

ECON 2113 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECON 2123 Principles of Microeconomics

GBUS 2903 Legal Environment of Business

GBUS 2013 Business Math 


Business Core (24 hours):

FIN 3163 Business Finance

GBUS 3753 Business Research

GBUS 3953 Business, Society & Government

MGMT 3063 Principles of Management

MGMT 4343 Cross-Cultural Management

MGMT 4433 Business Policy

MIS 3413 Management Information Systems

MRKT 3043 Principles of Marketing


Upper-Level Accounting Courses (30 hours):

ACCT 3103 Intermediate Accounting I

ACCT 3113 Intermediate Accounting II

ACCT 3123 Governmental/Non-Profit Accounting

ACCT 3133 Individual Income Tax

ACCT 3153 Cost Accounting

ACCT 3923 Advanced Business Law/Ethics

ACCT 4133 Accounting Information Systems

ACCT 4173 Auditing

ACCT 4303 International Accounting

Upper-level Accounting elective*


*Any upper-level course with the prefix ACCT applies. Students may seek approval from their advisor and division chair to apply courses from other disciplines as upper-level Accounting electives.

Note 1: The student must have at least one-half of the total hours in upper-division courses.

Note 2: Accounting majors desiring to take the CPA exam will need to complete 150 credit hours, which will include additional accounting courses. These courses can be taken at the undergraduate level but it is suggested that the student plan to attend graduate school.