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Academic Standards and Requirements

Any student who wishes to enroll in a class must complete an Application for Undergraduate Admission. No application fee is required.

Information regarding the state-wide adult degree completion initiative will be available on the OSRHE website. Individuals interested in applying for admission to Northwestern Oklahoma State University as the home institution, may obtain an Application for Undergraduate Admission by writing, calling, emailing or visiting the Office of Recruitment, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Alva, OK 73717. Interested students may call the institutional coordinator, Dr. Bo Hannaford at 580-327-8455 or Dr. Jerry Gustafson at 580-213-3184 for more information about the program. Dr. Tim McElroy, Director of the Adult Degree Completion Program can be contacted at 918-683-0040.

The applicant must submit a complete application and provide supporting documents to the home institution. One copy of official transcripts of all previous course work must be sent directly from the schools attended to the Office of Admissions at the home institution. Test scores and other documentation needed to determine admissibility must also be submitted. A centralized database will be developed for sharing pertinent information among campuses participating in the state-wide degree program.

Admission to the Bachelor of Organizational Leadership

Students seeking admission to the ADC program must first be admitted to their home institution. The following are admission requirements for the ADC program which will be consistent across the state. The admission requirements which have been determined by the institutional coordinators and approved by the President’s Council are:

1. Be at least 21 years of age
2. Have not been enrolled full time for at least one year
3. Have completed at least 72 hours of college credit
4. Have a minimum of 2.0 graduation/retention GPA in past college course work
5. Have completed general education requirements as defined by the home institution admitting the student. A provisional admission status may be used for students who do not yet meet this requirement
6. Satisfy all institutional requirements for completion of remedial coursework

Once a student is approved for admission, the applicant will be notified in writing and assigned an advisor or contact person. The student should then complete an individual degree plan with the advisor at the home institution.

Graduation Requirements

Students completing this degree program will meet the same graduation requirements as those in other baccalaureate degree programs. Graduation requirements will be monitored by the home institution and will include:

1. 124 earned credit hours
2. 2.0 grade point average for graduation/retention
3. 60 credit hours at a four-year institution excluding physical education activity courses
4. 40 hours of upper division course work (3000 and 4000 level) excluding physical education activity courses
5. 30 hours of residency at the degree granting (home) institution*
6. At least 15 of the final 30 hours or ½ the major from the institution granting the degree
7. English Proficiency as defined by the institution granting the degree
8. Computer Proficiency as defined by the institution granting the degree

* Because of the unique nature of this state-wide program and the internal consistency of the 30 hours of core courses, it is recommended that institutions be granted reciprocity for residency hours if students take core courses from any of the other participating institutions. This exception to OSRHE policy is consistent with resident credit policy for joint programs and courses of study at the higher education centers in Oklahoma. OSRHE Policy II-3-12 D-6 (Ardmore Higher Education Center) and Policy II-3-15 D-6 (McCurtain County Higher Education Program) states “Institutions will not distinguish between resident credit awarded for courses completed through the ARDHEP/MCHHEP and credit awarded for courses completed on the main campus.” This exception to Regents policy will allow some smaller institutions to participate in the program without having to offer all of the core courses.