Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association

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Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association

OBEA is a state-wide organization comprised of many of the state's public and private universities and colleges, including Northwestern. Membership provides for exchange of ideas and opportunities among students, faculty, and media professionals.

Through OBEA, Northwestern offers exclusive opportunities for scholarships, peer and professional interaction, skills development, competition, and evaluation.

  • Scholarships
  1. Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation Scholarships
  2. Jack Morris Memorial Scholarship
  3. Mark Rawlings Memorial Scholarship
  4. OETA Gene Dillehay Memorial Scholarship
  • OETA/OBEA Seminar - The Oklahoma Educational Television Authority invites select OBEA students to its facility in Oklahoma City each fall. Professionals come to speak in sessions covering career opportunities in all aspects of media including broadcasting, corporate video, and multimedia. Lori PhotoOAB Student Seminar - Students participate in such activities as panels, roundtable sessions, and an award luncheon with professional broadcasters in the annual winter convention of the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters. This provides valuable information that supplements the classroom. Student Day is free to OBEA member students.


  • OAB Workshops- OBEA students have opportunity to attend special OAB seminars with broadcast professionals on a several topics such as sales, writing, and sports casting.


  • OBEA Student Competition - Student members of OBEA have a chance to share their work with peers and professionals through the annual OBEA Student Competition. Media professionals judge about 200 highly competitive entries in over 20 categories. The awards are presented at the OAB Student Day Luncheon. Northwestern students consistantly win awards for excellence in radio and television.


  • Student Chapters- Students at OBEA member schools may establish student chapters for those interested in electronic communication, which Northwestern has done. NWOSU's chapter brings in one professional broadcaster every month, from various positions in television and radio, to speak. This allows students to develop a strong networking system and ask questions concerning future direction. 

Oklahoma Broadcast Education Association

Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters