Staff Council Minutes 9-21-09

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Staff Council Minutes 9-21-09


Staff Council Executive Committee

September 21, 2009 ** 9:04 a.m.


Present:          Denise Bay, Angela Case, Lisa Herning, Natalie Miller,           

                      David Washington, Fawn Kingcade, Lindsey Weber      

Absent:           Karli Greenfield


Lisa started the meeting off with announcing that she is still waiting on approval of the Bylaws from Mr. Pecha.

Campus Kudos:

To Do:

            Committee agreed that the campus kudos form needs to be added to the Staff Council

            Webpage and have a link set up to be emailed to Denise when a form is submitted.  The form can be downloaded as a word document to allow people to

            type on the form. 


            Lisa will get in contact with Melanie to see if she can get campus kudos announced in

            school newspaper and see if Valarie Case can put announcement up as well. 


New Staff Orientation:

    To Do:

Discussion was brought up about having a printed handbook to give to staff during

Orientation or else stopping by Human Resources during orientation to get a printed version.  All of the committee agreed that this was an issue that needs to be addressed.


Staff Council Website

     To Do:

Denise will send out a mass email to inform staff that the staff council page is up.  Valarie Case will be contacted as well to see if we can get announcement in school newsletter.


Staff Council and Events:

            To Do:

            Committee agreed that they would like to have some one from staff council participate

In the Enid campus Chili Cook off.  Lindsey volunteered to make the chili and enter Staff Council. 


David will get with Brad Franz to discuss the possibly for Staff Council to

have a Homecoming window in the student center next to the Foundation office.

Staff Council committee agrees it would be nice to put something up for Homecoming. 


The Committee discussed the possibility of having a staff development seminar for employees wanting to improve their computer skills.  Seminar would include 2 day work shops on outlook and word programs.  Fawn will get with Leeta and Craig and discuss the possibility of having them provide training in a work shop atmosphere.   



A date was set for the next Staff Council meeting; October 12 at 9:00 in the Fine Arts - 229 


With no further business, the meeting adjourned at 9:55 a.m.






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