2009 Homecoming Theme to Celebrate A Century of the Ranger Mascot

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2009 Homecoming Theme to Celebrate A Century of the Ranger Mascot

July 1, 2009

During a football season 100 years ago, the term “Rangers” was first used to name sports teams at Northwestern Oklahoma State University, known then as Northwestern Normal School.

To celebrate the centennial anniversary of the school mascot, the homecoming committee at Northwestern has selected “A Century of Ranger Pride” as the theme for the 2009 celebration. The theme must be used by any club or organization entering the float, spirit sheet sign and dorm decoration contests.

Homecoming is scheduled for Oct. 22-24.

“The theme is not only a celebration of our mascot, but also the history and pride associated with the name Rangers,” Steve Valencia, associate vice president for university relations and chairman of the homecoming committee, said. “The name Rangers describes a pioneering spirit and toughness that is part of the fabric of people in this region.

“When you hear the name Rangers and see that iconic horse and rider image, you immediately think of Northwestern.”
In 1909, Northwestern’s football team was in the midst of a successful season. The team was known for its grit and power of endurance, but it was not known by a nickname or mascot.

Newspapers reported at the time: “At a moment when enthusiasm was high, one of our most prominent boosters suggested the naming of the (Northwestern) eleven. Several names were proposed, but the one that received general support was that of ‘Rangers.’ That name is rapidly becoming familiar throughout the state.”

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